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Peace Rising — A March of Unity Thursday, May 21

May 16, 2015


 As a show of solidarity with those working across the United States for justice, equality and peace for al. Join The Peace Project for a PeaceRising March that brings together all movements: Black, White, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, LGBT, Veterans, Homeless, etc. WHEN ALL LIVES MATTER  . . .  […]

Make Los Angeles a GMO-Free Zone!

October 9, 2014


City Councilmembers Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell are considering a ban on the cultivation, sale and distribution of genetically modified organisms in the City of Los Angeles. PETITION Link: GMO Free Los Angeles _________ PHOTO:

Fukushima Radiation: What You Can Do

March 4, 2014


I know this is not the most fun thing to bring up, but it is necessary. Whether you live on the West Coast or NY, wherever you live. Please look into what is happening. TV news is not going to report it. Search for yourself and protect yourself and those you love as best you […]

Bhutan Shop in Topanga – More than just a shop

October 16, 2013


If you are heading out Topanga way in California, make sure to stop at the Bhutan Shop on Topanga Canyon Hwy. Coming from the ocean its in the first little bit of shops on the left as you come into town. If you are looking for clothing, incense, tapestries or other wonderful things from Bhutan, […]

Why Constitutional Sheriffs are so important

July 6, 2013


An interview with Constitutional Sherriff, Richard Mack. Author of The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope, about the state of affairs in this country and what local sheriff’s and citizens can do. WATCH VIDEO: This video is followed by a couple more interviews…

Chemtrailing of Los Angeles continues …

May 5, 2013


Heavy chemtrails continue in the Los Angeles area … I wish the police, sheriffs and city officials  would wake up to this situation. This a serious state of affairs. Here are more recent photos from the Valley and all over…. What the heck is going down? This is an international matter. We are being doused […]

Video: Tar Sands Protest/Los Angeles February 17

February 19, 2013


WATCH VIDEO February 17, 2013, in downtown Los Angeles, citizens rally to show solidarity with the rally in Washington, D.C. The point? To tell the president he must lead the fight against climate change, starting with rejection of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and to demand an energy policy focusing on efficiency and conservation, […]

Video: Fracking Workshop in Culver City

June 20, 2012


Culver City, CA— June 12, 2012 Video from California State fracking workshop in Culver City. This workshop is one of a few going on in California. Held by the Department of Conservation (DOGGR) as part of an information gathering process aimed at the development of regulations governing hydraulic fracturing or banning it. Submit  your comments […]

June 12: State Fracking Meeting in Culver City

June 9, 2012


June 12, 2012 5:30-6:30 on the sidewalk in front of City Hall Please join Food & Water Watch, Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community and our partner organizations in Los Angeles and stand up for a statewide Ban on Fracking in California! Protest outside of Culver City Hall calling for a ban on fracking in our […]

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference in Los Angeles

May 31, 2012


More information at: The Largest Gathering In History Against Chemtrails August 17-19, 2012 Los Angeles, CA – Are Geo-Engineers playing God with our weather? That question and many others will be pondered during three days of discussion centered on science, action plans and solutions at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference to be held from August […]

Military Exercises in Downtown LA This Week

January 24, 2012


It is being reported that US military will be on Los Angeles streets this week for military exercises Monday — Thursday. KFI Radio Station website The Daily Breeze Info Wars site *Check out this 2009  Article for similar drills in LA, almost the exact same verbage: Just An FYI These military exercises are […]

Occupy LA Occupies B of A Plaza

November 19, 2011


LA Occupy at the B of A Plaza: Meditators in action! The march there: Police arrest skateboarder and bike rider: Alt View Police arrest skateboarder and bike rider:

What is happening on Wall Street, Los Angeles and cities all over America

September 30, 2011


What is happening on Wall Street, Los Angeles  and cities all over America is happening because the faceless face of Big Business (i.e. corporate control) has infiltrated our government on every level and WE have woken up to it. They are up to one thing and that is to crash the system and implement a […]

Los Angeles Support of Occupy Wall Street Tonight 5 pm/Persing Square

September 25, 2011


LA Support of Occupy Wall Street – SUN. SEPT 25 – 5pm Pershing Square Pershing Square website: Video from 9/24/2011!/OccupyLA ———————————— soul secret service posts ———————————— Faceless Face of Big Business video  —————

April 11 Video: More information on the real status of Japan’s Nuclear Power plants

April 16, 2011


*once again youtube picks a quirky screen grab for the visual. mmmm. Leuren Moret Geochemist, Nuclear Scientist speaks She speaks out about the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster … and the dangers of nuclear power plants and their waste. She says that the biggest nuclear power plants in the world are in Japan … she says […]

Video from The Rally For The Right To Know What’s In Our Food

April 3, 2011


More information on future Marches and Bills: ————— LOS ANGELES Rally For The Right To Know What’s In Our Food March 26, 2011 at the Federal Building Federal Building/Westwood, CA — BACKGROUND The U.S. government, and the FDA do not require anything Genetically Modified (GMO) to be identified on ingredient lists. Genetically Modified foods […]

Homeless Poet in Larchmont (Los Angeles)

January 31, 2011


Valentine Cooper is on the streets every day reciting poems and hoping for donations to help him and his sick wife (she goes by Taz Eagle) get off the streets of Los Angeles. We filmed him reciting a couple poems in the hopes that people would hear about it and help them. The stories of […]

Rainbow Connection

December 23, 2010


Today over the cloudy skies of Los Angeles — a double rainbow, with mirrored facing colors. _____________________