Homeless Poet in Larchmont (Los Angeles)

Posted on January 31, 2011


Valentine Cooper is on the streets every day reciting poems and hoping for donations to help him and his sick wife (she goes by Taz Eagle) get off the streets of Los Angeles.

We filmed him reciting a couple poems in the hopes that people would hear about it and help them. The stories of the homeless are real and a part of all of us. The featured poem, “The Poorest Angel” is about his life. How he ended up on the street.

He says he wrote the poems he now recites while incarcerated. He never recovered from his brief incarceration as a younger man and the circumstances of his upbringing.

Larchmont Village is a cool place with alot of great restaurants and creative energy. If you happen to find yourself there, see if you see him around. He is there most days from around noon till sundown.

He is looking for a job. He can wash dishes, do yard work, or other jobs you need help with. Go talk with him. Ask him for a poem.

You can also contribute via the temporary Paypal button we’ve set up for the month of February to help directly with their housing.

The money collected will be used to help them find permanent housing. Taz Eagle (Valentine’s wife) has diabetes, cancer and other issues. She is not well and cannot remain on the street. She cannot walk more than 50 feet at one time.

Every little bit helps.
Hopefully we can all make a difference in this situation and help the homeless in general come out of a life of despair and isolation.
We can all do better.

There is a wealth of talent and wisdom from the elders in our society. Many of the elderly do live on the street. For some teenagers on the street, they are the only guidance they have.Open your mind and heart to hearing some of Valentines poetry.

Thanks for watching the video, reading this, and for all you do.