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Man Blocks Road to Yellowstone Bison Trap to Protect Buffalo

March 8, 2014


Comfrey Jacobs, a volunteer with Buffalo Field Campaign, risked his own freedom to help prevent the killing of buffalo from the last continuously wild buffalo herd. He blocked the access road to Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek bison trap on Thursday morning.  For more than two hours, he stalled trailers from getting to the trap to load […]


July 12, 2013

0 Chief Golden Light Eagle More Video

Uplifting interview with Mayan Elder Abuelo Antonio Oxte

April 3, 2013


Lilou Mace does a really great interview with Abuelo Antonio Oxte. Alt Link:

Video: Tar Sands Protest/Los Angeles February 17

February 19, 2013


WATCH VIDEO February 17, 2013, in downtown Los Angeles, citizens rally to show solidarity with the rally in Washington, D.C. The point? To tell the president he must lead the fight against climate change, starting with rejection of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and to demand an energy policy focusing on efficiency and conservation, […]

Can You Help Save The Heart of All That Is?

August 15, 2012


1,942 acres of Lakota Sacred Grounds could be sold or auctioned. Can you help preserve this sacred land? Pe’ Sla, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota — known as the heart of creation. 9/3/12: Update (Video): 8/30/12: Update (Video):   9/3 Update In Spanish (download .pdf)  The Auction that was set for Aug.25, 2012 […]

Raven Redbone Radio About 2012

January 1, 2012


TUNE IN ONLINE: Sunday, January 1, 2012 4:00 pm — 6:00pm PST Raven Redbone has a great radio show. On Today’s show – Prophecies and Possibilities of 2012 and Beyond An Indigenous Elder’s Perspective An Indigenous Elders Perspective with Uncle and Hereditary Chief  Phil Lane Jr., an enrolled member of the Yankton Dakota and Chickasaw First Nations, is an […]

The Slapping Medicine Man

June 11, 2011


This is a great video! Good Medicine 🙂

Indigenous World Pray Gathering

March 29, 2011


A special two hour radio broadcast, with Master of Ceremonies Chief Phil Lane, Jr. and special guests Chief Arvol Looking Horse, White Bear, Firewoman, Jordan Big Horn, Charla Tarwater, Grand Mother Arla, Artie Crippen, Pat Crosby, and other Indigenous relatives.

Chief Golden Light Eagle

March 4, 2011


Words of Wisdom

August 21, 2010


Floyd Red Crow Westerman A great teacher. Listen, Learn, Remember. WE must wake up to our inter-connection. Stop your sleeping and awake. The Earth is one with us. We are part of the Universe. May Grandfather show us the way and help us to prepare for the changes ahead. They imprisoned their bodies and their […]


May 20, 2010


This has been going on for a long time and is getting worse. If you have a couple minutes and can write a representative or newspaper and spread the word about this, please do! Tell your friends. Background: The Yellowstone herd is both genetically and behaviorally unique, being the only herd with continuously wild ancestry […]

Now is the time to free Leonard Peltier

September 12, 2009


“Never cease in the fight for peace, justice and equality for all people. Be persistent in all that you do and don’t allow anyone to sway you from your conscience.” —Leonard Peltier Leonard Peltier — a great-grandfather, artist, writer, & indigenous rights activist — is a citizen of the Anishinabe and Dakota/Lakota Nations who […]

Watch Out For Genetically Modified Food

July 16, 2009


Joni Mitchell once said, farmer farmer put away your DDT now. This time it’s not to the farmers it’s to everyone involved . . .PUT AWAY THE GMO FOODS! Early results are in on the “side effects” of eating this stuff and using genetically modified pesticides on the food we eat. Seems Mother Nature has […]

The Forest Is Not For Sale. The Facless Face of Big Business Tries Again.

June 15, 2009


In Peru right now Indigenous People that live in the Amazon Forest are fighting to protect it. There is a struggle going on to stop the opening up of Peru’s Amazon jungle to mining and oil companies. THE FOREST IS NOT FOR SALE The Indigenous Peoples’ struggle against opening up Peru’s Amazon jungle to mining […]

The Return of the Ancestors Gathering

May 6, 2009


We traveled to Arizona last week for the Gathering of Ancestors. It called upon those that were drawn to be there to look beyond the surfaces to remember what we are doing all this for. To act in the knowing that it is the time to COME TOGETHER as Mayan Elder Don Alejandro and other […]

Update: Utah Lands Protected by Omnibus Public Land Package 2009

March 31, 2009


March 2009 Update on the December 2008 post. Tim DeChristopher’s actions and the actions of others have paid off. Some of the land is now protected. See below for more information. Also there is a bill going through Congress now, America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act, that will protect even more land. If you’ve got the […]

Wings of Night Sky, Wings of Morning Light–a play from Joy Harjo

March 11, 2009


A Play You Don’t Want To Miss! Joy’s Music will touch your heart and transform you. Native Voices at the Autry’s World Premiere of Wings of Night Sky, Wings of Morning Light by Joy Harjo (Mvskoke) Starring Joy Harjo (Mvskoke) and featuring Larry Mitchell Directed by Randy Reinholz (Choctaw) March 12 – 29, 2009 […]

H2OPE Water is Life: The Water and Fire Runs

February 28, 2009


Sometimes it’s the things that you do that you don’t know at the time why you do it, but you do it and you find out why later — Hopi Elder I’ve been helping out editing, geting this documentary to the next place. It’s an important fundamental message we all should hear. That is, water […]

Utah Student Delays Last Minute Bush Land Grab to Protect our Liveable Future

December 23, 2008


Tim DeChristopher, a University of Utah student and environmental activist, disrupted Friday’s auction of Utah’s pristine wilderness to oil and gas companies.

Eagle and Condor

July 18, 2008


Eagle and Condor- Film Trailer The ongoing fulfillment of the prophecy of the eagle and the condor… when north and south come into balance we will have peace. Head and heart must balance… also our masculine and feminine must balance.