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November 20, 2020


Brother T is here to spread information, peace and love to all. Click here for the Youtube Channel  

Be Yourself. Free Yourself

April 27, 2020


Messages for those awake to other dimensions than the strictly mundane variety. Just some insights in case it might help you on your path, in your lucid dream explorations, and life in general. There is a whole series of these videos at Peace.

Going Beyond Painful History… disconnecting the pain body

November 1, 2019


Here are a couple of people with insights that may be helpful. KYLE CEASE: From his video — Removing the Painful History from Your Body “Often in our childhood we pick up all sorts of unconscious fear-based patterns from our parents. In this video, watch as Kelli moves through the part of herself that was […]

How Accepting the Present Moment Frees You

May 13, 2019


another great one from Eckhart Tolle!

Messages from the Moon

April 19, 2019


Free Yourself – Be Yourself A series of audios/videos on Youtube you might find useful in navigating these strange and beautiful times… here’s the first one in the series…

Interdimensional Radio

January 18, 2019


Messages to those awake to other dimensions than the strictly mundane variety. Just some insights that might help you on your path, in your lucid dream explorations and life in general. Peace. Tune in to Interdimensional Radio The Unzoned Gods

You are a Lighthouse

September 4, 2018


Weekly insights from Molly McCord. Embrace yourself as a lighthouse. FROM MOLLY MCCORD —September brings in calmer energies so we can fortify our foundations and stay in alignment with a new sense of purpose. There are areas of your energy field that are ready to be strengthened now, so in this show we talk about […]

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Kyle Cease: The world is insane. You’re not.

August 28, 2018


Free yourself every body… lets roll ….

Four Factors of Consciousness

June 4, 2018


Matt Kahn shares his four factors of consciousness. Tools to help us wake up to ourselves!

Jim Carrey: I needed color

January 31, 2018


Discover the wonderful world of Jim Carrey's Art.

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The I Ching with Bobby Klein

June 26, 2017


Bobby Klein puts out his take on the I Ching Weekly, every week. Some great insights to reflect on while you travel on your path ….

From Kyle Cease: You are the air, not a bubble

June 25, 2017


Kyle is a great comedian and conscicousness facilitator, check him out for a breath of fresh air. More:

Dig Deep

May 8, 2017


Take this opportunity to dig deep and free yourself of the fears that still hang on. You can always be more YOU.

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Aurora’s Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans

May 2, 2017


She has a lot of interesting information that is sure to shift your understanding of reality.  

Waking Up ain’t for sissies

April 22, 2017


Zen Gardner shares his insights on what we are going through and tools to stay awake.

The Amazing Kale Salad

April 9, 2017


Here’s a rockin recipe for Kale Salad. I’ve modified it from the Esalen recipe (per the lady that told me about it in Santa Barbara). ————————————— Ingredients: One large head of kale such as curly, Russian red or dinosaur ½ medium sized red onion 1/3-¼ cup each sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. 2-4 avocados cut […]

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In Times and Spaces like these …

April 9, 2017


Remember who you are. Deep down, where the memory is almost gone, reach in there. Connect with the larger aspect of yourself beyond the personality you now hold as “you”.  You are more than that. All of us are. Now is the time to fully reconnect that thread of knowing and become fully incarnate here. […]

Music for the waking …

March 5, 2017


It’s Coming On by Grace Gravity is sure to make you feel good and remind you –  you are not alone.

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Simulated Dream States?

March 4, 2017


This is an audio interview with Dr. Shmuel Asher about simulated dream states, false matrix situations and some tools that have worked for him. This is a series of interviews. Here’s episode 7 Along those lines you might want to look into the SWS, that’s the Sentient World Simulation. The Sentient World Simulation Program has […]

Word on the street today

March 4, 2017