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Watch State of Mind: The Psychology of Control

July 19, 2013


Full Version film starts here: The free film viewing is peppered with a conversation with the Film Creators and Alex Jones. See beginning interview of people that created the film by watching from the beginnning State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control, from the creators of A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, reveals that […]

Why Constitutional Sheriffs are so important

July 6, 2013


An interview with Constitutional Sherriff, Richard Mack. Author of The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope, about the state of affairs in this country and what local sheriff’s and citizens can do. WATCH VIDEO: This video is followed by a couple more interviews…

A Lawsuit Against The Biggest Gangsters in The World

December 19, 2011


This is part 1 a radio interview (there is no actual video) with Benjamin Fulford. Part 2: Part 3: A lawsuit has been filed against the people involved in creating the fake money that has placed the world economy on the edge. Here are some notes taken from the Youtube video (above). Background: Since […]

Alex Jones Report: We Are Run by Corrupt Bankers

September 4, 2011


The unraveling ….

What Is Happening —Reported by Ron Paul Yesterday

May 26, 2011


Ron Paul stands up and say’s it like it is. I wonder how many people are there? Good words …. clarity.