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Nibiru, Dream, Time Shift

September 10, 2011


Part 1 of 4 Discussion of Nibiru behind Elenin and how time may be effected as we go through this. Consciousness is evolving, dna activating. Whatever you think, will happen. Stay out of the fear. Create. We are going through the birth process into the 4th dimension. We have done this before. Get your intention […]

Call For An Independent 9/11 Investigation

August 26, 2011


8/26/2011:  Update 10/26/2010: A video just released showing Firefighters walking through the streets, seeing the NY Mayor and staff leaving the area. Listen to the conversation — remarks about additional explosions. – More info:“secondary-hits”-on-wtc/ – ———————— A Real Investigation of 9/11 continues to be demanded by the people! On Behalf of the People of […]