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Dig Deep

May 8, 2017


Take this opportunity to dig deep and free yourself of the fears that still hang on. You can always be more YOU. Advertisements

Aurora’s Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans

May 2, 2017


She has a lot of interesting information that is sure to shift your understanding of reality.  

The Art of Being Yourself

February 6, 2017


Caroline McHugh | TEDxMiltonKeynesWomen

Alan Watts – The Veil of Thoughts

October 29, 2015


Astrology for the Soul: Tom Lescher

November 21, 2014


A real time for each of us to see what our limiting core beliefs are.  Seek the holy grail, the meaning of life. Free yourself. A time when feelings and beliefs may not mesh. Stand for your beliefs. Stand for your truth. Times like these require a lot of compassion so we don’t engage into […]

Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter Interviewed on the state we’re in

December 2, 2013


Vivian Kubrick, daughter of the iconic filmmaker and director Stanley Kubrick, talks to Alex Jones about the nature of power and the human awakening that is taking place. This was at the JFK memorial last week in Dallas Texas.

Peace Vigils Tonight

September 9, 2013


Across the country over 150 vigils are taking place to say No to War on Syria. We have been in the halls of Congress all morning and we hear Obama doesn’t have the votes. Tonight is the night to change the course of history. —From CodePink At 7pm we will be at Culver-Palms United Methodist in Culver City and […]

Watch State of Mind: The Psychology of Control

July 19, 2013


Full Version film starts here: The free film viewing is peppered with a conversation with the Film Creators and Alex Jones. See beginning interview of people that created the film by watching from the beginnning State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control, from the creators of A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, reveals that […]

Why Constitutional Sheriffs are so important

July 6, 2013


An interview with Constitutional Sherriff, Richard Mack. Author of The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope, about the state of affairs in this country and what local sheriff’s and citizens can do. WATCH VIDEO: This video is followed by a couple more interviews…

Public Now Aware of Bilderberg Meetings

June 8, 2013


Bilderberg Live Sreams and Videos Sat. June 8 Thousands turn up where the Bilderberg meeting is taking place in the UK. People are no longer asleep to the puppet masters trying to run the show David Icke Alex Jones Streams Alex Jones Live Stream David Icke: More Videos […]

Millie Weaver Reports: Veterans Land not housing Vets

March 31, 2013


It’s bad enough these people have to go to war for the profiteers .. when they come home … they don’t have a place to go in Los Angeles, eventhough ALL of the land for VA in Los Angeles was deeded to house homeless Vets in perpetuity. Excellent Report by Millie Weaver and crew: More […]

Update on Bradley Manning Case

March 1, 2013


RealNews network interviews Assange’s Attorney, Michael Ratner who was in the courtroom during Manning’s trial. VIDEO: Bradley Manning Tells Court Public Has the Right To Know About US War Crimes. They allowed him to read a 30 page statement about who he was and why he did what he did. READ HIS STATEMENT More Information: […]

Why is the VA Land not being used to house Veterans?

February 21, 2013


Los Angeles has an estimated 20,000 veterans that are homeless. 388 acres were deeded explictly to house homeless veterans in 1888. The land is not being used as a veteran home. Veterans have been completely let down. The VA made a deal with the Veterans Park Conservancy and gave them a 10 year lease of 16 […]

Video: Tar Sands Protest/Los Angeles February 17

February 19, 2013


WATCH VIDEO February 17, 2013, in downtown Los Angeles, citizens rally to show solidarity with the rally in Washington, D.C. The point? To tell the president he must lead the fight against climate change, starting with rejection of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and to demand an energy policy focusing on efficiency and conservation, […]

Speak Up For Internet Freedom

November 27, 2012


If you’re like me and pretty much figure anything you write online, say on the phone, text, or email is already being harvested like a giant sucking ant eater gobbling up everything in sight, then finding out about this, before it happens, feels like a bit of sunlight on the matter.  There’s a meeting between […]

July 14: Fundraiser for Peace in Culver City

July 9, 2012


July 14, 2012 6:30-10 pm Taste Culver City. Make Peace. Sample cuisine from Culver City’s best eateries while listening to great live music from Rosendo, The Jane Doe’s and Grace Gravity, and viewing stunning artwork from Fred Feldmesser, Graham Goddard, Joan Scheibel and Ashleigh Sumner. Each ticket transforms two lives by creating jobs for people […]

Searching for clues at the scene of the crime – a visit to the Federal Reserve

June 11, 2012


We Are Change covers the real news … Federal Reserve is “private” property? Luke Rudkowski, Mark Dice & Adam Kokesh team up and visit the Federal Reserve building on Constitution Ave.

WE are Love

August 12, 2011


David Icke -Reconnect with the Cosmos Clear out the low level vibration

Keith Olbermann speaks out about Super Congress

August 2, 2011


The new Super Congress is what’s on the menu of late. Wake up people! This “Super Congress” will be able to create the legislation that then will only be able to be voted on Up or Down, with no amendments or filibusters allowed by “regular” congress. This legislation is treading in waters that are not […]