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A Film About Parallel Realities

February 5, 2012


by Nayadel D.T. At some point, we all ask ourselves who we are, where we come from and where we’re going. But many of us stop wondering about the meaning of life because solving the day-to-day dilemmas of everyday existence is challenge enough in it self. This is the story of 5 people who kept wondering […]

Perceive the multifaceted colors in the shades of grey

September 18, 2011


Peace Out — keep in the Love … Poster composite © Teri Hitt, Nasa Images and Istock. All Rights Reserved.

Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in …

September 11, 2011



Life … a dream within a dream

September 4, 2011


Change Realities By Shifting Your Intention

May 23, 2011


Mainstream science is now recognizing the existence of parallel realities. Can we change realities by shifting our intention? This video from Bryan Walton explores the implications of simultaneous time, probabilities, and the influence of conscious intentions to change the experience of reality both personally and collectively. This video suggests a model of six dimensions of […]

Activate Yourself

May 6, 2011


There is a phrase that is floating about (originally came from the Hopi) that says We are the ones we are waiting for. You’ve probably heard it, but have you really applied it to yourself to the degree that you can? We are on a wonderful journey through this thing called life and even though […]

About Parallel Universes

April 24, 2011


Right next door …. Parallel Selves Unite!