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‪Anna Breytenbach‬ communicates with animals

March 5, 2015


She believes getting close to nature and remembering how to communicate is necessary for the future. Part 2: Part 3: ‪‬ Part 4: See her communicate with an abused black panther and help him.

Animal Odd Couples Documentary

December 21, 2014


Full length documentary on the most unusual animal friendships 🙂  

Rescued Black Leopard and Animal Communicator Connect

April 26, 2014


Anna Breytenback

Cows play with motorized car

April 22, 2014


Cows playing like dogs with a motorized car 🙂

Man Blocks Road to Yellowstone Bison Trap to Protect Buffalo

March 8, 2014


Comfrey Jacobs, a volunteer with Buffalo Field Campaign, risked his own freedom to help prevent the killing of buffalo from the last continuously wild buffalo herd. He blocked the access road to Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek bison trap on Thursday morning.  For more than two hours, he stalled trailers from getting to the trap to load […]

A Film Worth Funding: Cry of The Innocent

January 31, 2014


This is a film speaks the voice of truth for those who cannot speak for themselves. It does not rely on gruesome images as a means to convey the message, but it does reveal the reality. They have only a few more days to raise funds with their Indie Go Go Campaign. This precedent-setting film will […]

Dolphins are so cool

December 31, 2013


ALT video link: Nature is so amazing. I hope we can soon become the caretakers of the planet we are meant to be.

This just in from The Buffalo Field Campaign

November 19, 2013

0 The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will be considering a bill this week (November 21, 2013) that will have a devastating impact on western public lands, native wildlife and especially wild buffalo. The public has a right to be involved in how our public lands are managed. The “Grazing Improvement Act,” S. 258, is […]