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E.F. Schumacher – Creating Local Economics, Preserving Forests

July 14, 2013


A little perspective for your afternoon drive …. On The Edge of The Forest New Local Economics   Appropriate Technology

Reports on the LIBOR Scandal

February 16, 2013


As the inside deals slowly continue to reveal themselves and we see what a house of cards our banking system is, stay cool. Panicking during a transformation is never good. Here’s some recent and no so recent links relating the one aspect of the criminality in our banking system …  ——— Recent REAL NEWS Interview […]

AB 750: California-Owned Bank Bill

April 18, 2012


April 18, 2012 The bill has been referred by the Governor to the California Assembly and Senate Banking Committees for review and to determine if a study will be done on the feasibility of establishing a state-owned bank that would receive deposits of state funds. This bill will establish the California Investment Trust modeled after […]

Julian Assange, Slavoj Zizek and Amy Goodman in Conversation

July 7, 2011


              WATCH VIDEO: More about Slavoj Zizek

What Is Happening —Reported by Ron Paul Yesterday

May 26, 2011


Ron Paul stands up and say’s it like it is. I wonder how many people are there? Good words …. clarity.

More Details Revealed on The Wall Street Bailout and Housing Crisis: 60 Minutes

April 6, 2011


Watch: The banks had hired companies to create “fake” documents to prove they owned the loans, cause they were just too busy to have the correct paperwork done when the loans were created. They probably just got distracted while they were in their greedy money making frenzy. What the! __________ Photo:

Governor Jerry Brown Stands Up

March 30, 2011


Message from California Governor Jerry Brown Read California Budget: Introduction The Governor broke off discussions with members of the Republican Party. He has proposed a plan that is 1/2 drastic cuts and 1/2 temporary tax extensions (taxes that were set to be canceled, would be extended). One of the biggest issues is a billion […]

Citizens United v FEC

March 1, 2011


Corporations Are Not People Corporations are the problem with our government.  From the people that created The Story of Stuff, check out Citizens United vs FEC. Very good clear information about our situation. 85% of Americans believe corporations have too much power in our democracy. Just last year the Supreme Court made it possible for […]

Video About Our Situation

December 27, 2010


Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, David Icke talking about what’s happening. We are all in the same situation. We can come together and wake up.

Declare Your Independence From Corporate Rule!

July 3, 2010


I was thinking about 4th of July. The day we celebrate our independence from the Kingdom of Britain. Seems to me we need a new DAY  OF INDEPENDENCE from Big Business Corporate control. We are Citizens NOT Consumers! It is evident that corporations have taken over, that their ideology of profit over everything else is […]

Where We’re At With Health Care

March 11, 2010


Here’s what Dennis Kucinich said in a recent interview on the situation — TRANSCRIPT FROM INTERVIEW Dennis Kucinich: We have been led to believe that we must make our health care choices only within the current structure of a predatory, for-profit insurance system which makes money not providing health care. The government incentivizes the perpetuation, […]

About the Health Care Summit at Blair House

February 27, 2010


Let’s start in the STARTING PLACE. Not talking about profit or reducing costs — but speaking of what real health care is. We need to look at our situation holistically. We need to think about the body holistically. 16 bottles of pills? That’s what one Senator said at the Health Care Summit. That’s the average […]

Stop the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

March 25, 2009


The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 is sponsored by Monsanto and other big companies — Full Text of Bill — Take Action: Contact Representatives PETITIONS *We only have 2 weeks to change the course on this. Please let your voice be heard. — Other links — Track The Status […]

Ask The Questions

January 24, 2009


Now's the time to push for the answers

Be Humankind

October 13, 2008


This is a great animated short by on The Change Channel . . . Click To Watch Be Humankind Animation

Democracy Now Interview with Dennis Kucinich

September 30, 2008


Yesterday Dennis Kucinich was on talking about the lack of homeowner support among other things NOT IN DRAFT 2 of the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” H.R. 3997. He suggested that spending that money on rebuilding the Nation’s infrastructure as far as roads, cleaning up water ways etc. would do more to stimulate the […]

READ the Legislation for the Big Bank Bailout Plan

September 29, 2008


Here’s a copy of the first draft of HR 3997: Download: Troubled Assets Relief Bill_Sept28_08   Newest Draft from September 29 coming soon.

Video Comments on the Big Bailout Plan: Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008

September 29, 2008


Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur Don’t Let Congress Seal This Deal High Financial Crimes Have Been Committed — Congressman Dennis Kucinich Driven by Fear not Fact – Video From Sept 27 — Congressman from Texas, Michael Burgess The largest fundamental change in our financial system. — Congressman McDermott, Seattle — Pelosi on Bailout

Comments on the Economic Bail Out Plan

September 28, 2008


— *Video Comments From Dennis Kucinich Thursday, Sept 25, 2008 Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008 — *What 165 Economists Say (Sept. 25, 2008) FROM— At least 165 economists have signed a letter to Congress members warning of three pitfalls in the Bush administration’s $700 billion proposal to deal with the Wall Street crisis. The […]

Economic Bail Out Plan Moves Forward

September 28, 2008


Deal Reached —FROM Wall Street Journal 250 billion available immediately 100 billion available on report to Congress 350 billion available only upon Congressional action Sen. Barack Obama (D. Ill.), the Democratic Party presidential nominee, said the tentative deal appears to embrace key principles he favors: better oversight, the potential for taxpayers to receive profits […]