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Be Yourself. Free Yourself

April 27, 2020


Messages for those awake to other dimensions than the strictly mundane variety. Just some insights in case it might help you on your path, in your lucid dream explorations, and life in general. There is a whole series of these videos at Peace.

Going Beyond Painful History… disconnecting the pain body

November 1, 2019


Here are a couple of people with insights that may be helpful. KYLE CEASE: From his video — Removing the Painful History from Your Body “Often in our childhood we pick up all sorts of unconscious fear-based patterns from our parents. In this video, watch as Kelli moves through the part of herself that was […]

Messages from the Moon

April 19, 2019


Free Yourself – Be Yourself A series of audios/videos on Youtube you might find useful in navigating these strange and beautiful times… here’s the first one in the series…

Interdimensional Radio

January 18, 2019


Messages to those awake to other dimensions than the strictly mundane variety. Just some insights that might help you on your path, in your lucid dream explorations and life in general. Peace. Tune in to Interdimensional Radio The Unzoned Gods

Four Factors of Consciousness

June 4, 2018


Matt Kahn shares his four factors of consciousness. Tools to help us wake up to ourselves!

The I Ching with Bobby Klein

June 26, 2017


Bobby Klein puts out his take on the I Ching Weekly, every week. Some great insights to reflect on while you travel on your path ….

Aurora’s Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans

May 2, 2017


She has a lot of interesting information that is sure to shift your understanding of reality.  

Diverging Timelines: a new beginning

November 22, 2016


David Manning shares his insights on the energetics unfolding…

Kyle Cease: Goodby to Your Own Identity

September 28, 2016


We are all changing to the bigger versions of ourselves …

Kyle Cease : be as “bored” as possible

June 16, 2016


Kyle Cease again shares tools for moving on down the road of self discovery and freedom ….

Mandela Effect basics

May 19, 2016


Are parallel realities blending, CERN affecting the time/space continuim or is this ever expanding elevated levels of novelty? Weird things seem to have changed …     What is the Mandela Effect? Playlist  

Vibrational Awareness tools

December 18, 2015


Mama Maga Insight The Oracle Report Kapacha’s Pele Report The I Ching Weekly Good Vibe Music

Abraham Hicks – More about teaching kids and more …

October 23, 2015


More wisdom from Abraham Hicks! We are all in this together, figuring it out as we go!

Things can be anyway you want

September 5, 2015


We are all learning to drive. This is another great audio from Abraham Hicks –

Audio I Ching for this week

July 14, 2015


Bobby Klein’s I Ching Weekly for this week:

Essential Self

July 14, 2015


Great wisdom from Paul Lowe — There is Something Else – something beyond what we call reality. — Paul Lowe

Astrology for the soul : June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015


More from Kapacha:

A way out of the matrix …

June 20, 2015


really really good information. Happy Saturday! 🙂

Never Stop Having Fun!

June 5, 2015


Keep having fun no matter what ... its the vibe that counts. There's more here than meets the eye eh?

Interview with Joseph Chilton Pearce

January 7, 2015


Joseph Chilton Pearce In this interview Mr. Pearce talks about the spiritual experiences young children have and much more including a book Darwin wrote towards the end of his life that no one knows about. He is a treasure. He’s written many books including: The Magical Child and The Crack In The Cosmic Egg. More […]