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Good Vibration Station

June 21, 2013


Grace Gravity was recently on Good Vibration Radio! Listen in for some good vibes …. 🙂 Really! June 16 show: More:

Uplifting interview with Mayan Elder Abuelo Antonio Oxte

April 3, 2013


Lilou Mace does a really great interview with Abuelo Antonio Oxte. Alt Link:

Earthquake Updates

August 20, 2011


There have been two 7.0 Earthquakes today, 6.5 near Japan yesterday, 6.2 August 17. Just an FYI for those paying attention. Peace.

Grace Gravity Twin Satellite Program Monitoring Gravitational Field

July 7, 2011


GRACE GRAVITY RECOVERY AND CLIMATE EXPERIMENT 9 year old satellite pair continue to track the Earth’s gravitational field and find water table changes. Groundwater depletion detected from space — Current Data — More information NASA Global Climate Change website EYES ON THE EARTH 3D Program CLIMATE TIME MACHINE

Change the way you look at the world then the world will change.

March 12, 2011


Work on your own point of view. Visit Dimitri Halley’s Facebook Page: ‪‬ 

The video is an interview of Dimitri Halley in which is described how we make ourselves sick without knowing we do so.

 Dimitri Halley offers a unique perspective whereby he takes us into the firsthand experience of that domain which Quantum Physics […]

James O’Dea on Creative Stress

February 21, 2011


Change the story. The obstacle is your teacher. More about James O’Dea on his website: There is some great information, audio and video there.

soul secret service NEWS October 2010

October 4, 2010

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