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Four Factors of Consciousness

June 4, 2018


Matt Kahn shares his four factors of consciousness. Tools to help us wake up to ourselves!

The Symphony of Time

September 21, 2015


what is time … a construct of the mind?

The Transcendental Object at The End of Time . . .

December 5, 2014


Great wisdom for those interested in the evolution of consciousness. This is right at a particularly enlightening part The whole film is 3 hours long.

Astrology for the Soul: Tom Lescher

November 21, 2014


A real time for each of us to see what our limiting core beliefs are.  Seek the holy grail, the meaning of life. Free yourself. A time when feelings and beliefs may not mesh. Stand for your beliefs. Stand for your truth. Times like these require a lot of compassion so we don’t engage into […]

The frequency of the problem is different than the frequency of the solution

October 20, 2014


“I used to focus on the problems of the world in an effort to solve them. And then I realized, that the vibration of the problem and the vibration of the solution are very different frequencies. As long as I focused on the problem and felt terrible, I was part of the problem not part […]

Start with feeling good

January 23, 2014


Start with the feeling and go from there. All comes from the feeling. Trust and let things happen as they do. We can’t depend on circumstances to bring us happiness and peace, we have to start with the feeling of feeling good and all springs from that. These are really tricky times for all of […]

E.F. Schumacher – Creating Local Economics, Preserving Forests

July 14, 2013


A little perspective for your afternoon drive …. On The Edge of The Forest New Local Economics   Appropriate Technology


July 12, 2013

0 Chief Golden Light Eagle More Video

Raise Your Vibration – Turn Your Light On

June 7, 2013


Amazing interview with Inelia Benz by Helane Lipson Alt Link: Inelia Benz Website: Helane Lipson YouTube Channel:

Uplifting interview with Mayan Elder Abuelo Antonio Oxte

April 3, 2013


Lilou Mace does a really great interview with Abuelo Antonio Oxte. Alt Link:

Meditation December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012


As galaxies shift Together we meditate For the greater good TUNING IN PREPARATION FOR DECEMBER 21 2012 There’s a meditation at 10 am PST more information here:

Bobby Klein’s Weekly I Ching: Right On Again

November 4, 2012


Once again Bobby Klein tunes in and shares insights that are right on for now.

Declare Your Independence

July 5, 2012


Declare your independence from lame big business mind programming, GMO food, careless behavior, lack of respect for Mother Earth, the Elders, the Trees. Declare your independence from minds that lack any sense of stewardship for the Earth, the Animals, Humanity in general. Assert your independence from mind control and propaganda, chemtrails, money grubbing rich that are deprived […]

Visioning the New

November 9, 2011


Tricky times indeed, but we are making it through. Transforming not conforming — Through the eye of the needle you must know yourself. That’s the only way to get through. Any piggy backing along just won’t cut it. You are awake — you are love — you do have the power. BE. This is what […]

Grace Gravity — Occupies Bell Arts Factory

November 3, 2011


OCCUPY VENTURA EXHIBIT ART • PHOTOS • VIDEO • MUSIC a reflection of the nationwide and now global popular street movement against corporate greed and for financial and economic justice. Friday, November 4th, 2011 6-10 PM Bell Arts Factory Janet Addison Community Room *Download Flyer: Bell Arts Center-Occupy Ventura Event The ambition of this exhibit is to fuel people […]

Grace Gravity Takes a Look at The Faceless Face of Big Business

September 26, 2011


This video includes footage of protests in the 1960s as well as photos from the Occupy Wall Street Protest going on right now! More about the band, Grace Gravity at © Teri Hitt and Brian David Hardin ————————————————————————————————— A Super Special Thanks To Ellie Zenhari and Jud Kramer for capturing the vision— Ellie Zenhari […]

6th Day of Mayan Calendar Starts Today

September 5, 2011


The frequency increase mandates that the changes happen faster. Deepen sacred spiritual connections. Move towards the inner part of yourself. Look inward. It’s about your consciousness. Put out the vibration that you really want to know more about yourself. Unity Consciousness is at hand, but this is in accordance with your own authentic expression. Carl […]

Call For An Independent 9/11 Investigation

August 26, 2011


8/26/2011:  Update 10/26/2010: A video just released showing Firefighters walking through the streets, seeing the NY Mayor and staff leaving the area. Listen to the conversation — remarks about additional explosions. – More info:“secondary-hits”-on-wtc/ – ———————— A Real Investigation of 9/11 continues to be demanded by the people! On Behalf of the People of […]

Interview with George Humphries

July 4, 2011


Words of Wisdom from economist, author, film makers and visionary, George Humphrey. Talking about the times we’re in and his advice on how to navigate.

Neal Fox States it Clearly

May 13, 2011


Neal Fox’s website =