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NWO … New World Order

June 3, 2011


Here’s some more information …. a former President warns AGAINST and former Presidents talk ABOUT the New World Order. LIKE the Facebook Page for New World Order Canceled Get a T-Shirt and Bumper Sticker and spread the word:

Interview with HAARP former worker

April 16, 2011


Anthony J Hilder interviews Caralyn Hill who worked early on the development of HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Research Project) in the 1990s on a project called Lights Out. She says that HAARP operates at 4 hz ELF which is the same frequency that the human brain operates at. She said the first time they turned […]

Situation in Libya

March 22, 2011


WHAT IS GOING ON? Congress is supposed to be consulted before going to war. Congress was not notified for 2 days after the first strikes. This is not the way our system works. The president does not have the power to call for an attack without consulting Congress. Senator Obama once said himself, “the president […]

More Chemtrails Sprayed in Ventura

February 21, 2011


Today there were a bunch of chemtrails in Ventura, CA. Here’s a few photos: Then they expanded out …. If you aren’t familiar with what is going on, please refer to the previous post on this: You’ll also see there some crazy photos of chemtrails on New Years Day in Los Angeles/Hollywood area. This […]

Stop Looking At Your Phone

February 5, 2011


What in the World Are they Spraying? This is a documentary made about Chemtrails and what is being sprayed in our skies and all over the world. The soil and the water are showing increased levels of aluminum and other metals. Please check the film out and get informed or JUST LOOK UP. Stop and […]

Video About Our Situation

December 27, 2010


Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, David Icke talking about what’s happening. We are all in the same situation. We can come together and wake up.

Man Makes Crazy Chart of the Ownership of His Mortgage

November 19, 2010


If you need more proof that things have really gone wacky and America has been duped, then take a look at this chart. This is probably the shape of most of the mortgages that were provided in the last 15 years, maybe longer. This is a shell game where integrity is a myth. Break the […]