More Chemtrails Sprayed in Ventura

Posted on February 21, 2011


Today there were a bunch of chemtrails in Ventura, CA. Here’s a few photos:

Then they expanded out ….

If you aren’t familiar with what is going on, please refer to the previous post on this:
You’ll also see there some crazy photos of chemtrails on New Years Day in Los Angeles/Hollywood area.

This spraying is happening around the world, unfortunately most people are too busy to notice.

Recent Video

Former FBI Chief (Los Angeles, Dallas, Memphis) Ted L. Gunderson Denounces Chemtrails

Rosalind Peterson an Environmental Impact Analyst

Jan 27, 2011: History Channel Report

Jan 4, 2011: 100,000 Fish Dead and 5000 Birds Fall From The Sky



What In The World Are They Spraying?



Stop Spraying in California



2006: Paul Moyer Interview with Residents and Rosalind Peterson


from —

  1. Stay indoors with filtered air, preferably using a HEPA air cleaning machine or a machine that removes toxic chemicals from the air.  Keep your pets indoors with filtered air as well.  Note:  Replace filters as recommended or sooner if necessary.
  2. Do not go outside for long periods of time or exercise outdoors (walk, jog, ride bike, sports, etc.) if you see persistent jet trails or man-made clouds.
  3. When going outside where there are persistent jet trails/man-made clouds, use a respirator mask designed to remove toxic chemicals from the air like the 3M #8247 (R95) gray respirator mask.  Note:  Be sure to follow the instructions.  Keep in a plastic bag when not in use and replace often.
  4. Replace your home air filter with a filter designed to take out toxic chemicals like the 3M Filtrete #1250 air cleaning filter.
  5. Build up your immune system by eating fresh certified organic unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables.  (Wash them very good with filtered water).  Take multi-vitamin supplements if needed.
  6. Reduce stress in your life to keep your immune system strong.  It’s already being stressed by toxic chemicals in our environment.  Get plenty of rest.
  7. Oxygen or asthma inhalers (without chemical repellant) may help some people.  Note:  Consult with your physician.
  8. See a Naturopathic Physician your own physician about being tested for heavy metals and toxic chemical exposures.  Ask about using “Zeolite” to take chemicals/metals out of your body.  EV has information on hair analysis test kits & Zeolite.  Call (916) 595-7197.
  9. Journal your symptoms and see if they can be linked the persistent jet trail exposure by comparing your symptoms with the symptoms listed above.  Report your symptoms to your physician and Environmental Voices to assist in our studies.
  10. Share this information with others.