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Peace Rising — A March of Unity Thursday, May 21

May 16, 2015


 As a show of solidarity with those working across the United States for justice, equality and peace for al. Join The Peace Project for a PeaceRising March that brings together all movements: Black, White, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, LGBT, Veterans, Homeless, etc. WHEN ALL LIVES MATTER  . . .  […]

Follow Your Heart to Republic of Pie

February 2, 2014


Where can you go to feel good in Los Angeles? Where’s a place where you can hear good music and relax with a yummy piece of pie and espresso? The Answer? The Republic of Pie in North Hollywood! Pie • Coffee • Community Live Music Nightly Friendly and Professional  Staff Yummy Pie !!!!! Delicious […]

Save The Culver City Ice Rink

January 15, 2014


The local Ice Rink is in jeopardy in Culver City. Residents have banded together to preserve it and prevent it from becoming an indoor rock climbing facility. Get involved if you can. This rink has been around over 50 years and is a community landmark, a community resource, a place for kids to go and […]

Chemtrail Christmas

December 27, 2013


Not to be the bearer of bad news over the holidays, but the word really needs to get out about this! I photographed this spraying outside my window in Culver City, CA (near Los Angeles) on Christmas day 2013. I took a photo about every 10-15 minutes. You can see how they expand out.  They […]

Bhutan Shop in Topanga – More than just a shop

October 16, 2013


If you are heading out Topanga way in California, make sure to stop at the Bhutan Shop on Topanga Canyon Hwy. Coming from the ocean its in the first little bit of shops on the left as you come into town. If you are looking for clothing, incense, tapestries or other wonderful things from Bhutan, […]

Affair of The Arts Culver City

September 23, 2013


Had a great time at the Affair of the Arts today, an Art and Music Festival in Culver City. Got there at the end of the day but was still able to see some fantastic art. Visit the Whole 9 site to see for yourself: Peace Project — We got to catch the last […]

Peace Vigils Tonight

September 9, 2013


Across the country over 150 vigils are taking place to say No to War on Syria. We have been in the halls of Congress all morning and we hear Obama doesn’t have the votes. Tonight is the night to change the course of history. —From CodePink At 7pm we will be at Culver-Palms United Methodist in Culver City and […]

Dane Wigington on Chemtrails

July 17, 2013


Dane Wigington interviewed on Dream Radio Interview starts at: 24:23 Listen to the whole interview to hear Laura Eisenhower’s great astrology for this week. ——— *Some random notes I took listening … Dane Wigington Documents: Brochures/Flyer: 22% dimming has gone on, blocking sunlight with metals ph has changed 10-12 times toward alkaline in Northwest. UV […]

E.F. Schumacher – Creating Local Economics, Preserving Forests

July 14, 2013


A little perspective for your afternoon drive …. On The Edge of The Forest New Local Economics   Appropriate Technology

Mystery Gardener takes care of post office lawn

June 9, 2013


Gardener takes care of the Culver City Gateway Post Office lawn … You might have seen him driving around in his model A or mowing the lawn at the Post Office. This guy is great! Thank YOU! Joseph Bailey wrote a great story in Culver City Life Magazine (printed out of King of Prussia, PA). […]

Chemtrailing of Los Angeles continues …

May 5, 2013


Heavy chemtrails continue in the Los Angeles area … I wish the police, sheriffs and city officials  would wake up to this situation. This a serious state of affairs. Here are more recent photos from the Valley and all over…. What the heck is going down? This is an international matter. We are being doused […]

AB 1301 Passes — California Takes Important Step

April 30, 2013


YES! Food and Water Watch reports that AB 1301, AB 1323 and AB 649 all passed yesterday in the California State Legislature. Bills sponsored by Richard Bloom (AB 1301), Holly Mitchell (AB 1323) and Adrin Nazarian (AB 649) will put a halt on fracking while this practice is assessed. Food and Water Watch Report: Info. […]

Food Forward

April 16, 2013


Food Forward is a volunteer powered grassroots group of Angelenos who care about reconnecting to our food system and making change around urban hunger. Food Forward reconnects people with people – through food – by bringing together volunteers and neighbors to share in the gleaning and distributing of locally grown food from private homes and […]

Culver City Earth Day Celebrations

April 7, 2013


Sunday April 21, 2013 10-4 pm STAR Eco Station 10101 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232  ———————————                                     Other Earth Day Info. (California):

Monsanto General Info.

March 31, 2013


If your eyes are just starting to see the writing on the board or if you already know the dastardly deeds of Monstanto… here are a few more links to update and inform. DOJ mysteriously quits monsanto antitrust investigation History of Monsanto: Seed Companies owned by Monsanto: Who Owns Monsanto? Edgar Monsanto Queeny […]

Millie Weaver Reports: Veterans Land not housing Vets

March 31, 2013


It’s bad enough these people have to go to war for the profiteers .. when they come home … they don’t have a place to go in Los Angeles, eventhough ALL of the land for VA in Los Angeles was deeded to house homeless Vets in perpetuity. Excellent Report by Millie Weaver and crew: More […]

ALERT: Current Status of Fukushima — Radiation On-going

March 23, 2013


The effects of Chernobyl will be warped by the effects of Fukushima. This disaster is still going on. Fukushima is at least 300 x stronger than Chernobyl. For some reason this information is not being provided to the public. TRACK RADIATION LEVELS: Here are links to a recent Video Interview with Lauren Moret is a […]

Los Angeles Fracking Seminar March 23, 2013

March 22, 2013


A half-day seminar about fracking in Los Angeles County and what citizens can do! Seeking ways to squeeze a yield from depleted oil fields, producers of natural gas and oil are using a controversial extraction method called hydraulic fracturing (aka “FRACKING”) which forces a mixture of water and various chemicals underground under very high pressure. […]

Why is the VA Land not being used to house Veterans?

February 21, 2013


Los Angeles has an estimated 20,000 veterans that are homeless. 388 acres were deeded explictly to house homeless veterans in 1888. The land is not being used as a veteran home. Veterans have been completely let down. The VA made a deal with the Veterans Park Conservancy and gave them a 10 year lease of 16 […]

Video: Tar Sands Protest/Los Angeles February 17

February 19, 2013


WATCH VIDEO February 17, 2013, in downtown Los Angeles, citizens rally to show solidarity with the rally in Washington, D.C. The point? To tell the president he must lead the fight against climate change, starting with rejection of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and to demand an energy policy focusing on efficiency and conservation, […]