Posted on May 20, 2010


Photo: © Buffalo Field Campaign

This has been going on for a long time and is getting worse. If you have a couple minutes and can write a representative or newspaper and spread the word about this, please do! Tell your friends.

Background: The Yellowstone herd is both genetically and behaviorally unique, being the only herd with continuously wild ancestry from the days when 50 million buffalo migrated freely across the Great Plains. Today there are only 3,000 wild buffalo left.Buffalo Field Campaign

Hundreds of  buffalo were hazed again last week, pushed out of their natural lands back into a designated area. They say they do this to protect the cattle in the area from exposure to Brucellosis. There has never been a documented case.

They torment these animals. The people involved are acting in a cruel and uninformed manner. Moms and babies have been forced to run at full gallop through dangerous territory for up to 20 miles being chased by helicopters. The babies can hardly keep up. Please read more about this situation at the Buffalo Field Campaign’s website At one point they stampeded the buffalo through Yellowstone village (even though the buffalo are welcome there) and seriously endangered all the people there. It was ridiculous. The MDOL is out of hand and wrong. You don’t treat animals this way! They are wasting tax payer dollars with this on-going campaign and tormenting these animals.

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The Montana Dept. of Livestock (MDOL or DOL) is the one doing the hazing.


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