April 11 Video: More information on the real status of Japan’s Nuclear Power plants

Posted on April 16, 2011


*once again youtube picks a quirky screen grab for the visual. mmmm.

Leuren Moret
Geochemist, Nuclear Scientist
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leuren_Moret speaks

She speaks out about the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster … and the dangers of nuclear power plants and their waste.
She says that the biggest nuclear power plants in the world are in Japan … she says that they are diluting the data.

Dairy and drinking water are the two main pathways of radiation into the body. There are 2 large dairy farms downwind of one of California’s Nuclear Power plant. She talks about breast cancer, autism and other diseases caused by nuclear power waste and radiation.

She will give you the facts on how dangerous nuclear power is and how we have been mislead. We have no nuclear waste dumps in the United States. Where is this stuff going? All of it is leaking into our water tables, ground water and soil.

She has run tests and reviewed results for many years about Los Angeles water. There are elevated levels of Uranium in LA Drinking water.
The air currents are bringing it into the water.

*More about California at 48:01 in the video

Fukishima pollutants are in the lower altitudes. Water creates on the radiation particle until its heavy enough to become a drop. It doesn’t have to rain for the radiation to appear in the environment. Any wind or moisture.

95% of radioactive particles are collected on the snow flakes. Which is where alot of the drinking water comes from and irrigation.