What is happening on Wall Street, Los Angeles and cities all over America

Posted on September 30, 2011


What is happening on Wall Street, Los Angeles  and cities all over America is happening because the faceless face of Big Business (i.e. corporate control) has infiltrated our government on every level and WE have woken up to it. They are up to one thing and that is to crash the system and implement a major life changing control over everyone. They are what’s behind what is happening in this country and all over the world. The banker bailout was a big mistake and a big sign that Congress is not o.k. They are not able to do their jobs like it was intended. The corporate interests (many international) have totally corrupted our system. Corporations are NOT this country. They were allowed to exist in the beginning  ”for the benefit of the public”. Many do not act in the benefit of the public but for their greedy masters that pull the puppet strings.

This is hard to define in one slogan or one statement, but basically END CORPORATE CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT, REPEAL THE LAW ALLOWING CORPORATIONS TO DONATE ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY THE SYSTEM (i am not yelling, just using Caps).  Stop supporting corporations that are unconscious. We are AWAKE and  the stupid planet killing party is over.

Everyone you meet (practically) is in the same position. We are all subject to the system wide slap down that is occurring. We have much to assist us through this process. KEEP IN THE LOVE, KEEP IN THE PEACE. KEEP IN THE RIGHT FREQUENCY.

Los Angeles Live Stream http://www.livestream.com/owslosangeles

WALL STREET/NY Live Stream: http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution