Gulf Oil Spill — Update May 25, 2010

Posted on May 25, 2010


The Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to bar BP from receiving future U.S. government contracts. We cannot trust that the other wells are safe. I think we need to take it one step further.We must shut down BP oil down immediately. All the oil rigs in our oceans must be checked for the utmost in safety measures immediately. The regulatory commission responsible for checking these rigs must also be looked into. There are some unsafe politics in the mix. Obviously.

We need to protect our oceans from their recklessness.


Spraying more chemicals into the water is not the answer. This is crazy. BPs already sprayed 700,000 gallons of chemical dispersant. The chemical they are using is called Corexit (deodorized kerosene)- just makes the oil break into tiny drops and sink.

No Toxicity Statements have been filed by Corexits maker Nalco.

What does this do to the sea life?

In Nalco’s video about Corexits:
There is no mention of wild life concern or water quality research.

This stuff can make the oil less visible, but then will it be one of those outa sight outta mind type of things. The media has got to stick to this like glue. We must.

Wouldn’t it be better to just get the oil up, not disperse it with other chemicals into the water?

See alternative solutions. Scroll down on this page:



Deepwater Horizon Unified Command

EPA website:

EPA Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill:

Petition for BP make all data public to be sent to BP, and the EPA.

Here’s a petition calling to ban BP from all future contracts:

Petition to Investigate Ken Salazar and the MMS

May 21, 2010 EPA Briefing/Joint Information Center
With —
Lt Commander Rob Wyman chief Joint Information Center
Mary Landry (rear admiral) Fed. Coordinator
Lars Herest, MMS regional director MMS
Doug Suttles BP chief operationC
Charlie Henry NOAH scientific support coordinator