A Letter to The Powers That Be

Posted on May 28, 2010


I urge you to put a pause on oil drilling until all the rigs can be examined. There is something terribly wrong here. There can be no dollar amount put on an event of this size. This is negligence of the highest order! This area will never recover, it will take generations and generations for this to get back to the natural state it was in.

This is treason towards the people. BP and many of the large corporations could care LESS about protecting our precious natural resources. They are not in the Public Interest. We started out that Corporations could only exist if they were for the benefit of the public. Did this change? Corporations are not people. People have more than one motive in their lives, not one singular intention —that of making a profit. They have more power than the governments — lets face it — and let’s start to make more changes to reverse this terrible mistake. And also reverse the attitude behind it that thinks it’s o.k. to put profits over caring for the resources on this planet.

We cannot expect the OIl Companies to help us move towards sustainable safe energy systems. We can’t expect them to help us move out of this long standing tradition. Why should they? They are happy the way things are. We are just plain stupid to think they would be “in to it.”

They have taken the ocean for granted, they have taken all the people that live in that area for granted. This is the result of carelessness and greed of the lowest order. Either that or there is something else going on here.


I personally think BP should be expelled from doing business near our coasts. $75 million cap is a joke. This whole thing seems like a joke. Anyone who know’s about handling oil spills knows the boom thing is a joke. BP has not come out with the real truth in my opinion. By raising the outdated $75 million oil liability cap–less than one day’s profit for BP– you will at least spare American taxpayers from the burden of bailing out Big Oil polluters for their recklessness. After bailing out the banks ….

We can make this world better. Better get started.

Thanks for reading this,