Today was the Anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment

Posted on August 13, 2008


Today, August 12 is the anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment.

If you don’t know about this, it was an experiment by the U.S. Government to make a ship (U.S.S. Eldridge) invisible. The Philadelphia Experiment, otherwise known as Project Rainbow, has been a subject of long controversy and debate. It was an attempt by the Navy to create a ship that could not be detected by magnetic mines and/or radar. What happened was a distortion in time and a link up with 1983 and the Montauk Experiments. From:

(note: it could be Aug. 13 as well. There are varying accounts)

It has been said that involved in the project at various times were Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. John von Neuman, Dr. Nikola Tesla, and others.

There are some more links below. The only reason I share this is that I think it is better to be informed to some degree, not to go into fear but to really be awake to the possibilities. There could be far reaching ramifications of a warp in time between 1943 and 1983 (Montauk experiments) that are continuing now.There are many unanswered questions (what’s new?). We are all waking up and I think this is part of the puzzle. Peace.—TH

Interview with Al Bielek:


Wikipedia has the date in October but according to many sources (ck it out yourself on the internet) that date is wrong.


How the Philadelphia Experiment worked:

The basic design has two large Tesla coils (electromagnets) placed on each hull of the ship. The coils are turned on in a special sequence and their magnetic force is so powerful that they warp gravity itself. Bielek also says that on August 12 every twenty years, the magnetic field of the Earth reaches a peak and allows the synchronization between the Tesla coils. —From: