Tools For Fending Off Weird Energies

Posted on August 16, 2008


Sometimes when the crazy energies hit, it’s all you can do to find one point of consciousness outside the storm. That’s all you need to start your return to center. Monday was a crazy day, don’t know if they cranked up HAARP or what, but I learned a few things. 1) Not all thoughts are your own. Sometimes they are just hanging out there and if you are sensitive like me, you might pick up on some random negativity out there. I suggest if you can, turning it into random positivity with the energetics of Compassion and Love. Just feeling those two emotions with a little gratitude thrown in can do some good. 2) First thing you do – to get some footing is realize that you are not the “emotional wave” that is attempting to over take you. There are many reasons wierd stuff may be going on. Do a little research on radio frequencies and how they are being used or can be used to control populations. But keep your sense of humor. Yeah it’s great when you discover that it’s not all you, but then you have to figure out how to integrate that into your life. Boy, it just get’s more and more interesting. Hold onto your hats. Here we go. 3) Only you can “drive” you. Sorry there’s no one else. This is the time we remember how to drive.

Sending out alot of love to all of you. Don’t forget to laugh (everyday!).