Public Now Aware of Bilderberg Meetings

Posted on June 8, 2013


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Sat. June 8
Thousands turn up where the Bilderberg meeting is taking place in the UK. People are no longer asleep to the puppet masters trying to run the show

David Icke

Alex Jones


Alex Jones Live Stream

David Icke:

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Alex Jones goes down a canal to bullhorn the Bilderbergers

Bilderbarge! , 

David Icke:

Do a little research and find out more … time to wake up. 🙂

Who is there?

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Creepy sculpture at the hotel where the Bilderberg Meeting is going on.

*Something Really Cool: Police officers in the UK gave out free hugs to protesters in line. Never seen that before. It was on the We are Change Live Stream. The recorded video may be available later.