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Birth Of The Now

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A documentary film about the evolutionary shift we find ourselves in. How we can harmoniously relate to the world around us and fearlessly evolve into another level of understanding, wisdom and action.


Compassion Rising Film/DVD

A documentary on the story of Thomas Merton, a Gestheme Catholic Priest, meeting His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in 1968, the subsequent visit years later by the Dalai Lama  to Thomas Merton’s monestary, and the inter-religious events that have occurred since that time. The soundtrack plays a key part in the film. The interplay created with the music and the film footage truly provides and Experience of Compassion, reminding us at a deep level where the first step must be in healing ourselves and our world.

Pablo Casals once said, “Perhaps Music Will Save The World”. Perhaps it’s true.

BUY The Music from Compassion Rising at
Produced by Michael Fitzpatrick,


Shift of The Ages: Don Alejandro and The Story of the Staff

The Call of Our Ancestors

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