Through 2012 into 2013

Moving through the barriers between everything . . . here’s some information on the many parts that make up the whole as we head on through –



Ian Lungold

2013 The Film

This is footage shot in 1989 about more than 2012, but  what 2013 will bring.
In preparation for the beginning of the new Mayan cycle of cosmic time in 2013 Mayan elder Hunbatz Men called for the ceremonial and initiatic reawakening of the sacred Mayan Centers of NACHAN-PALENQUE, EDZNA, LOLTUN, KABAH, LABNA, UXMAL and CHICHEN ITZA.

Elders, shamans, medicine people, ideologists and transcendentalists where invited from around the world to participate in the Mayan initiatic processes as well as share their own ceremonial practices in preparation for the dawning of the new cosmic human in 2013.

KnewWays Multimedia

Compassion Rising

Shift of The Ages

Don Alejandro Oxlaj: 3th generation Quiche Mayan High Priest is the primary wisdom keeper of the Mayas. He is head of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala. He has been traveling around the world with a message for the times. “Come back to center.”

More to come . . .



Knew Ways

soul secret service



Joy Harjo, Winding Through The Milky Way

Grace Gravity

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