Kyle Cease : be as “bored” as possible

June 16, 2016


Kyle Cease again shares tools for moving on down the road of self discovery and freedom ….

Quantum Jumping

May 22, 2016


Mr. Burt Goldman explains how you can use quantum jumping to find out more about yourself. The Dear Burt Blog

Mandela Effect basics

May 19, 2016


Are parallel realities blending, CERN affecting the time/space continuim or is this ever expanding elevated levels of novelty? Weird things seem to have changed …     What is the Mandela Effect? Playlist  

This is a good week to manifest your dreams

May 14, 2016


LeoKing Astrology goes over why this is an optimal week to focus on manifesting your dreams.

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Good Advice from the Rock n’ Roll Prophetess

May 4, 2016


Don’t be tied to the old paradigm ways … or your old ways — free yourself. Put down your huge bag of rocks.  Connections to Vickie Verlie

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Lunar Eclipse Insights from Mystic Mamma and others

March 22, 2016


“Lunar Eclipse* Full Moon in Libra illuminates the shadows and reveals the energetic wounds in our hearts in our relationships to Self and Others. With gentle loving acceptance, it’s time to hold space for it all as we continue to choose love.” — Read her great article here: ART © Mystic Mamma

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The Meditation Olympics

March 13, 2016


More about Kyle Cease

Get to Know Yourself

March 11, 2016


Great Insights from Mama-Maga for today .. astrological and other wise …   Only your Truth will fit you just right. Someone else’s truth might feel like deception. Keep on keep’n on people! Website Link:

What Was

February 13, 2016


Kyle Cease — Everything in this world is “What was.” Kyle Cease’s YouTube Channel

A new perspective for a new year

January 3, 2016


Teal Swan’s insights on perspective … and how to expand yours. Happy New Year! Teal’s Website:

Vibrational Awareness tools

December 18, 2015


Mama Maga Insight The Oracle Report Kapacha’s Pele Report The I Ching Weekly Good Vibe Music

Fear is a liar

December 9, 2015


David Icke The Way Out Of The Matrix  

Step into your 5D awesomeness!

December 7, 2015

0 Youtube Channel

Nov 18-24 from LeoKing

November 20, 2015


Astrology for the awake … and going with the flow …. keep on truckin….

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Alan Watts – Time

November 12, 2015


More about Alan Watts here:

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The I Ching Weekly for week of November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015


  Wisdom for the week for you! Check out Bobby Klein’s audio I Ching for this coming week –

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Katamo 432 hz message

November 1, 2015


Koto (Japan), Tampoura (India) and Monochord (Classic Greece), together they form this magic musical instrument capable of coming to the deepest. The produced harmonic ones help to the body, the mind and the spirit. In this case, the tunning of the Kotamo it´s respecting the laws that, according with Pythagoras, direct the universe from his […]

Alan Watts – The Veil of Thoughts

October 29, 2015


Abraham Hicks – More about teaching kids and more …

October 23, 2015


More wisdom from Abraham Hicks! We are all in this together, figuring it out as we go!

Cern, Quantum Computer, Stargate, DNA, MindMap

October 20, 2015



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