All of these Non-Profits are helping people. Please check them out and support them if you can.


501C-3 Non-Profit
MORNING STAR FOUNDATION is committed to creating public awareness for the protection and preservation of all Indigenous Nations on Mother Earth. Their primary purpose is to protect and support “Traditional” Elders, Sacred Sites, Sacred Burial Grounds, and Sacred Ceremony. We acknowledge and respect all Indigenous Nation’s spiritual and cultural teachings and lifestyles.

One of the on-going events Morning Star Foundation hosts is a yearly Grandmother’s Gathering where elders and other women gather to share wisdom and knowledge. Traditional arts are shared as well as insight into deeper indigenous wisdom and practical knowledge.

501C-3 Non-Profit

BAREFOOT WORKSHOPS is a media based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization where adults and youth are taught video, photography, music, and art as a way to document their surroundings, make change in the world, and most importantly, make change within themselves. With Barefoot, growing and learning as an artist means growing and learning as an individual. They empower youth through media, music and the arts, bridge communities together to address global issues, inspire individuals and communities to transform themselves from within, and innovate new uses of media to meet development goals internationally.

GETTING OUT BY GOING IN (GOGI) is dedicated to the education and empowerment of at risk and incarcerated individuals. GOGI provides simple tools for making positive choices. Delivered in our books, workbooks, workshops or classroom settings, GOGI is focused on one thing: positve choices. They empower the individual with information,tools, opportunities and support for lasting change.


Green Dome Projects is a traveling pavilion showcasing youth best practices and collaborative projects promoting sustainability. The purpose of the Green Dome Project is to provide a 21st Century “space” where youth can gather together and be exposed to “Restoration Era” job opportunities, support links and youth-run exhibits. The Green Dome Project made its extremely successful debut at the EDC-sponsored Youth Employment Summit in Veracruz, Mexico in October 2004. Connecting youth from different cultures connect with each other and the Earth.


The story of the Dalai Lama and Thomas Merton and the inter-connectedness between all religions.

Either the world as a whole will consciously move toward the positive and towards peace, or devolve unconsciously toward the negative and destructive. COMPASSION RISING was undertaken 13 years ago with the expressed intention of creating a new, more powerfully vibrating music derived and inspired from the ancient chant traditions of East and West, forged in the womb of the largest cave in the world, and specifically designed to bring forth feelings of compassion and peace so as to bring people together in harmony and love.

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