Grave Gravity reminds that we can create a better reality …

Hear the New CD

Keep Creating!


Take a trip through Theta land, create what you want.

This Calming and relaxing music
was scientifically created to assist you in accessing your subconscious mind, muting the assault of thoughts and feelings, and creating a space to experience more moments of intuition, wisdom and creativity.
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New soul sounds from Bill Purdy.

Jack Johnson meets Dr. John: piano-driven blue-eyed soul.
Bill Purdy’s just released his new CD. Check out Move My Way.
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Love and Joy, 2 simple words.
Music to take you there if you need a ride.

Transcendental Melodic Dance Music full of love.
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You’re very own Pet Buffalo.

Indie Folk Rock
A combination of rock, blues, and folk leaning towards an earthy blues rock feel. Songs carrying forward the positive possibilities of the ideals of the 1960s and ’70s into the here and now. A testament to the values of peace, tolerance, self-discovery, and independence from the simplified viewpoint of the surface.
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Danny Hamilton has some mudslingers but they play and sing nice.

Country Roots Rock Tribal Blues
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Melodic Memories of Broken Nows

Pop with a Funky Edge
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