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More Details Revealed on The Wall Street Bailout and Housing Crisis: 60 Minutes

April 6, 2011


Watch: The banks had hired companies to create “fake” documents to prove they owned the loans, cause they were just too busy to have the correct paperwork done when the loans were created. They probably just got distracted while they were in their greedy money making frenzy. What the! __________ Photo:

Love Police: If Courage Could Come

March 29, 2011


More info at

History is Happening: The Rap News

March 22, 2011


From Juice Media March 20, 2011 About America and our current situation. Watch it!

Citizens United v FEC

March 1, 2011


Corporations Are Not People Corporations are the problem with our government.  From the people that created The Story of Stuff, check out Citizens United vs FEC. Very good clear information about our situation. 85% of Americans believe corporations have too much power in our democracy. Just last year the Supreme Court made it possible for […]

New from The Story of Stuff

February 15, 2011


The Story of Citizens United v. FEC Why Democracy Only Works When People Are In Charge. Coming March 1 TRAILER

Some Laughs and Music

February 14, 2011


Grace Gravity On It’s Weston Time And for something totally different … Grace Gravity appeared on It’s Weston Time! , a local comedy show in Los Angeles last month as the musical guest. You can check it out here: Grace Gravity plays a song 45 seconds in and there’s an interview and another song at […]

Circular arguments are not more powerful than the Constitution.

December 6, 2010


Circular arguments are not more powerful than the Constitution. Alex Jones Monday, December 5, 2010 This is the 2nd segment for today: Opt Out Alliance or

Wake up and get on a with a WAKING LIFE

September 5, 2010


If you never saw this movie you got to check it out. You can watch it for FREE on Google Video. Link: Presented by The Independent Film Channel and Thousand Words A Flat Black Flims and Detour Film Production

Get Your Art Out — Now.

August 20, 2010


RYAN LARKIN Artist/Animator An artist that was not put to sleep by the capitalist dream. Remaining an artist. A beautiful channel. RYAN: Ryan After Ryan: 2009 Interview with Chris Landreth: CBC Report on Ryan’s passing in 2007:

Tin Town

December 15, 2009

1 Please take a moment to watch this. This is what happens when government has no soul, no vision. Please share it. These people deserve to live a life not in a “concentration camp.” They deserve to be connected to nature, to have a home, to have community. This is truly a great piece. We […]

H2OPE Water is Life: The Water and Fire Runs

February 28, 2009


Sometimes it’s the things that you do that you don’t know at the time why you do it, but you do it and you find out why later — Hopi Elder I’ve been helping out editing, geting this documentary to the next place. It’s an important fundamental message we all should hear. That is, water […]

CSNY’s New Movie: Déjà Vu

October 14, 2008


From— A film by Neil Young Since their debut in the late sixties, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young have functioned as the town criers of their generation and beyond. With Songs like “Ohio” and “Find the Cost of Freedom.” CSNY were and are in the forefront of anti-war sentiment. The war in IRAQ is the […]

The Change Channel: Focused on Positive Change

September 22, 2008


If you are looking to connect with like minded “awake” people, you might want to check out this network The Change Channel is dedicated to share and inspire change through the media. There is a large collection of video and other media there to assist you in creating change in your life.

Eagle and Condor

July 18, 2008


Eagle and Condor- Film Trailer The ongoing fulfillment of the prophecy of the eagle and the condor… when north and south come into balance we will have peace. Head and heart must balance… also our masculine and feminine must balance.

Compassion Rising

July 18, 2008


Compassion Rising Film/DVD His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama connects East and West by visiting Thomas Merton’s monestary and Muhammad Ali. The message is unity and compassion. The Music from Compassion Rising available on CD at Produced by Michael Fitzpatrick,

Prophets of Change

July 18, 2008


Film Trailer for Brian D. Hardin’s new film, Prophets of Change a documentary film exposing our evolutionary shift and how we can harmoniously relate to the world around us. Prophets of Changes helps the viewer to fearlessly evolve into another level of understanding, wisdom and action.