Music to help you through

Posted on December 27, 2013


Grace Gravity’s new CD is a great tool to keep you in the right mood to throw off any bad vibes that come your way!

“Sometimes I’ll be in a car with my friends and they’ll have mainstream radio on. I will ask for them to turn it down. They say, ‘why its just music in the background.’ I’ll say listen, let me explain, its much deeper. When you have music in the background you are setting a vibrational pattern for yourself. Especially when you are in the car with the windows up. Thats all your feeding yourself is these low vibratory frequencies. 

It’s getting the collective consciousness to understand the difference between putting on the radio and hearing just any old song that is meant to do something to your vibration. They know it. There’s knowingness behind it.There are willingly altering the vibration of the music to mess with your vibration. If you understand that …

As opposed to, what does it take, 3 extra seconds to put on a Grace Gravity CD? You will be doing your vibration wonders.”
– Dave Cohen/Good Vibration Radio

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Hear the New CD

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