Affair of The Arts Culver City

Posted on September 23, 2013


culver-city-affair-of-the-artsHad a great time at the Affair of the Arts today, an Art and Music Festival in Culver City.

Got there at the end of the day but was still able to see some fantastic art.
Visit the Whole 9 site to see for yourself:

Peace Project

We got to catch the last band, Patrolled by Radar. They are great!

This event was made possible by the Whole 9 Gallery (Heidi and Lisa are a force of nature) and many many volunteers. The Music Stage was MC’d by Corey from KECG Radio. Everybody not only succeeded in creating a great event but in starting a wonderful new tradition. Your going to wan to mark your calendars for this one for next year. This is the start of something great!