Why is the VA Land not being used to house Veterans?

Posted on February 21, 2013


Los Angeles has an estimated 20,000 veterans that are homeless. 388 acres were deeded explictly to house homeless veterans in 1888. The land is not being used as a veteran home. Veterans have been completely let down. The VA made a deal with the Veterans Park Conservancy and gave them a 10 year lease of 16 acres for the purpose of establishing a park, but that was not the purpose that the land deeded for. The park is locked to Veterans. This is a land grab of a very desirable piece of land. The property belongs to the Vets and all benefits of the land must go to help the vets. There is enough land there to house all the homeless vets. To help them heal and have some kind of life again.

More here: http://vfpvc.org/los-angeles-has-largest-homeless-vet-population-it-the-country/