Venus Transit: Prepare to Launch

Posted on June 3, 2012


Image: From Wikimedia Commons/Jan Herold

VENUS TRANSIT: It’s a once in a lifetime event: the June 5th Transit of Venus across the sun. You can see it in the evening of June 5th in North America. Watch the world wide webcast. —FROM NASA site

You can also watch it live here:

The last Venus Transit was in 2004. The next one occurs in 2117.


The Venus Transit causes an amplification of thought forms.

We can energize a new vision created by our highest SELF that holds the highest outcome for all. What we do during this time and what we hold in our consciousness going forward, initiates the new paradigm. We will be “installing” this new “program/paradigm” over the next several months. Create new pictures, new visions. Dissolve the old pictures that have trapped you in a version of a less than awesome you.

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Open your heart during the Venus Transit. Raise your consciousness — go to the next level.


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