What Up?

Posted on March 26, 2012


We are living in a time where the basic common denominator has been forgotten, that being,
we are all people

It’s abundantly clear our very humanity is being attacked.

We have forgotten what this is all for.
forgotten and now slowly remembering . . .

The “Corporation Robot” thing can effect our community governing employees in the worst way, making them a part of a machine (a corporation THINK) before they even know who they are as individuals, mutating their humanity and self determination away from the steadfast knowledge of compassion and protection of the community. Instead putting a focus on following Corporate Rules.

The Constitution is not overridden by any rule in some companies employee handbook.

Here’s a report from the Occupy LA website How can any person legally be trespassing on PUBLIC property. Really?


WE own that property not the people that work for us.

Remember that’s how this is set up, not the other way around. That’s’ why it’s called public property.



PHOTO: http://mermaidspacestation.com/

© Teri Hitt/for soul secret service