Changes in decay rates of particles from the Sun

Posted on December 29, 2011


At Purdue University since 2006, scientists have noticed changes in the decay rate  of numerous nuclear particles. THey have kept records on the half life of these particles down to small scales. You normally don’t see changes in these decay rates. There is no way to explain this. This was one of the only known constants.

Changes as great as a tenth of a percent have been recorded.

Particles radiate more energy when the decay rate is sped up. This can cause profound changes.  We are radiating more energy.
Because children are more in a rapid growth phase they will receive more of this.

There is a new particle (the God particle?), that is being created. It will change everything.

Creation is making a new particle. 

Consciousness is changing the decay rate in the sub atomic particles. What is happening on the Sun is going all the way through the Earth.