Dec. 23 — About The Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Posted on December 23, 2011


December 23, 2011

Today the House agreed to the payroll tax “cut” (which is really just extending cuts that already exist). Preventing our payroll tax “fees” from going up in 2012.

Included in this legislation is the Keystone pipeline. Giving the President only 60 days to access the potential damage a pipeline from Canada across the heart of America could do.

Congress did approve the 2 month payroll tax and unemployment extension. With that good comes the ugly Keystone XL Pipeline that has been added to this bill. This pipeline brings Canadian Tar Sands through America to the Gulf Coast. Yeah the Gulf Coast, already polluted by BP’s lack of oversight, lack of insight and lack of soul.

If you don’t know about what this is – check it out

Proposed Map of Pipeline:

U.S. Department of State Info.:

10,000 protestors surrounded the White House in November over the Keystone XL Pipeline

The Canadian government has delayed the review of proposed  pipelines for a year because of environmental concerns.

I think it does not serve us that our system allows totally unrelated items to be added to bills that are then piggybacked in, become authorized, become law. THIS IS WRONG! It allows our legislative system to be co-opted by special interests!


SIGN A PETITION urging President Obama not to accept the Keystone Pipeline.
60 days is NOT enough time to truly review the hazards and damage an oil pipeline through the center of the United States could do. There are many water tables that could be affected. Our water has already been poisoned across the country and we really can’t afford any more. It is a “giveaway” to a foreign oil company and WILL NOT reduce our dependency on foreign oil.