Activate Yourself

Posted on May 6, 2011


There is a phrase that is floating about (originally came from the Hopi) that says

We are the ones we are waiting for.

You’ve probably heard it, but have you really applied it to yourself to the degree that you can?
We are on a wonderful journey through this thing called life and even though things appear crazily out of control, we know deep down, this is but a dream. We have incarnated at this time to awaken in this dimension and to spread that awakening to as many others as we can.

The frequency of knowing, of trusting is a high frequency. This is the place we must abide in now. This is the very activation that we desire. This is our true destiny. We can now activate our latent DNA and maintain our fundamental connection with the Creator, God (or whatever you call the great essence of all). We are divine. Our intention is stronger than any external circumstance.

So send love and intend the best outcomes in all situations. Accept the present moment and know there are a myriad of ways to perceive. There are always new windows and doors of perception opening. Rest in the knowing connection of all.