Interview with International Expert on Radiation and Public Health Issues, Geophysicist

Posted on March 17, 2011


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Interview with Leuren Moret about Fukushima Reactor


Facts based on her experience with working with Nuclear Power.
Not predictions, its just reality from what we know from studying past nuclear accidents and technology.
She is an Independent Scientist, International Expert on Radiation and Public Health Issues, Geophysicist, on the World Radiation Risk Committee.
She has been to over 50 countries talking about Radiation Risk.

She educates the public on radiation issues. She was educated by Marion Fulk, Livermoore Nuclear Weapons lab. Manhattan Project Scientist. He made the hydrogen bomb work for the US and has always been against exposing the public to radiation.

Worked at 2 nuclear weapons labs, studied bomb testing on the american public and beyond. The impact of nuclear power plants in America with a small group of scientists. One of the members spoke to congress in 1963.

Based on what she knows, and based on the opinion of other top radiation scientists in the world. This scientific community is very very alarmed at what is happening in Japan. The radiation is already leaking out.

Northern Hemisphere is most at risk, Australia is at risk but better.
The equator is the safest place because the air rises there. VEry little radiation ends up. The rising air also forms a barrier to circulation of north hem air and south hemisphere air. It circulates in big circulation cells over the ocean.

The jetstream is very effective at transporting the nuclear bomb test material. It moves West to East at the same latitude.
She started mapping disease. She did a study on the cases of Diabetes, found out that the increase since the 1950s occurred at the same latitude on the North and S hemisphere
where the bomb tests were.

The radiation will be carried by the japanese currents into the
north pacific, will circle around elusion islands and alaska then comes down in currents along the coast of North America.

Chernobal accident — santa barbara was effected by this. Increased risk of alzheimers.

It stays together like a bubble, it does not dissipate.

*She is in San Francisco and is waiting to see how much the radiation levels increase. She plans on getting out if there is a serious spike in numbers on the geiger counter.

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