Wisconsin Don’t Give Up!

Posted on March 12, 2011


The whole world is watching as the Wisconsin Governor forces his will and initiates an illegal move. They did not provide 24 hour notice of the meeting/vote to the Democratic Senators that had left the state. They pushed it through. Today protests continued. There’s something hidden beneath the surface that is showing, uh let’s see beating evil green eyes with dollar signs in them, and uh oh the heart of total disregard for the law and for the people that really make his state run. I wonder who’s really pulling the strings of these Republican Senators? Who’s the “man behind the curtain.” Let’s see could it be the faceless face of big BUSINESS? http://www.terihitt.com/mp3s/5 Faceless Face of Big Business.mp3

The whole world is watching.

FRIDAY March 11, 2011
The people standing up …

Students form “Wisconsin Students in Solidarity” to support workers in Wisconsin

As high school students, the Republican attacks on public education have a profound effect on us and our peers. Wisconsin Students in Solidarity is a statewide coalition, the goals of which are:
Outreach–To build a strong and cohesive network of high school students across the state.
Education–To make our voices heard regarding our unique perspective on these issues, both to adults and to our fellow students.
Action–To do whatever we can to support the people of Wisconsin, and to put our support behind candidates responsive to our interest in these issues. CONNECT ON FACEBOOK with them (once logged in, search Wisconsin Students in Solidarity).

THURSDAY March 10, 2011
The Republican Senators went ahead and “passed” the bill that would now restrict bargaining power for the teachers, fireman, nurses and other groups amidst the yells of the lone Democratic Senator attending. Asking for 24 notice before a meeting and a vote is had. Yelling “this is a violation of law”. They then rush the bill to the Senate for a quickie vote. Senator Schulz was the only one that voted against it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvxxhHnfmtM

New York Students stand with Wisconsin: http://elmhurst.patch.com/articles/york-students-demonstrate-solidarity-with-wisconsin-workers

Support the airing of a TV commercial created by Teachers, Fireman, Nurses, Secretaries and other people affected. http://www.actblue.com/page/waronworkingfamilies?refcode=DFA-NoI20

Michael Moore’s speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgNuSEZ8CDw

German Workers Rally in Support: http://blog.aflcio.org/2011/03/11/german-workers-rally-in-solidarity-with-wisconsin-public-employees/

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