Wisconsin Protests Continue

Posted on February 22, 2011


People are waking up more and more to how the government operates.

How provisions tagged onto bills that have nothing to do with the Bill can effect our lives when that bill is passed. How freedoms can be erased by the flick of a pen, how a bill proposing one thing can actually do the opposite.

In the case of the Wisconsin Protests, the people saw through a bill proposing “simple budget cuts” to the core of the matter. This bill would put a stranglehold on the abilities of Unions to negotiate on behalf of the workers thereby furthering the common workers ability to negotiate with “big business” or “big government”.  The workers/unions and have agreed to cuts in pay and benefits, but this budget bill would eliminate most of the public employees collective bargaining rights.

The Democratic State Senators have left the state and are hiding out in order to give the Public more time to respond before a vote is had.

With 32  States in bankruptcy as of  5/10 (http://www.zerohedge.com/article/32-states-now-officially-bankrupt-378-billion-borrowed-treasury-fund-unemployment-ca-mi-ny-w)  it is obvious that we are going to have to find ways to deal with our budget deficits. One way would have been to tax the rich for their fair share, but I guess we aren’t going to do that just yet. In the meantime, we cannot sacrifice the groups, Unions, and collectives that work and stand for the common person against the huge bureaucracies and big businesses that threaten our freedom. We must keep these watch dogs/protectors in place as we go through this process of re-addressing the situation at hand.

Gov. Scott Walker still isn’t compromising.
Protests have been going on for over 2 weeks now.

60,000 residents have descended upon Madison over the weekend.

PBS FEB 21: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/politics/jan-june11/wisconsin_02-21.html

—From a blog post on http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/145361-wisconsin-governor-we-need-the-money: “He’s full of it. Wisconsin is broke and they need the money…ok. The union already said it would concede to the governor’s demands about paying more for their health insurance and pensions and take a wage freeze. That’s the money side that Walker claims is his motivation. BS! Why is he holding out even though the union said they’d go along with his monetary requests? IT’S CALLED UNION BUSTING 101! It’s got nothing to do with the Wisconsin budget! If they were in such a hardship state, then WHY did Walker and the republican majority just give tax breaks to the RICH? “

VIDEO FROM WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association) Feb. 19, 2011
Wisconsin Public Employees —Teachers and Nurses Speak Out
Watch this to hear them speak for themselves.

All 14 Democratic state senators are holed up outside the reach of the State Troopers who are working on orders of the Governor to forcibly return them to the capitol. They are hoping to give residents more time to figure out what is going on in the Capital and make their voice heard.  The Wisconsin 14 need to hear encouragement from progressives nationwide. Let’s show them resounding support for their actions.


What’s Happening in other States: http://www.theweek.com/article/index/212320/will-wisconsins-unrest-kick-off-a-year-of-american-rage