Obama Brings in Clinton to try and convince us

Posted on December 12, 2010


Obama brang in Clinton in yesterday (or somebody did) to convince us that continuing the tax cuts is in the interest of the people. I guess asking the top 1-2% of the richest people in our country to pay their fair share is asking too much. What are we going to do ask China for the money? Paint some more gold bars?

Apparently reporters were not going to be allowed access to the Obama/Clinton meeting but then at the last minute everything changed and the Press Core was brought in to hear Clinton talk about his support for extending the Tax Cuts for the top 2%. The reporter reports this at 1:42 in the Katie Couric CBS report video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knCnhZU0UKo

Katie Couric CBS News Report (excerpts): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knCnhZU0UKo
START about 1:33 in.

Full Length: Clinton Speaks about why extending the tax cuts are a good idea.

Weird. Again using fear tactics to convince us this is the best we can do. Better let the rich people keep their tax breaks. Sure we’ll extend unemployment. We don’t have any money to pay for it, but yeah we’ll do that. Just let us keep our money.

Where in the heck do they think we are going to get the money to pay for unemployment? This does not make sense.

Is this just a tactic to lull us into a deeper sleep for the next two years? Big Corporate pull again flexes it’s muscle. We are part of a whole. Left and Right hand. Why is everything a game? We know what some of the answers are. Things are coming clearer everyday. People are waking up. The people that have been taken over by greed and power now will not be able to stop admitting it. It’s in plain sight now. This is part of the alignment we are moving in. It is out of their control. The TRUTH comes out now.

Listen to what Obama says before the camera starts rolling (weird thing #1)

Then Obama leaves before Clinton gets into it, also weird.

The puppet master reveals himself in the misplacement of details. They can’t help but admit what they are doing now. Side effect of the awakening that is upon us all. Mother Nature knows all….

Let me know what you all think ….