S.510 update November 24

Posted on November 24, 2010


On Monday, November 29, there will be a cloture vote on Senate Bill 510 to send it immediately to the Senate floor for a final vote (Cloture requires 60 votes. If there are fewer than 60, the bill will not go forward).
Let’s make sure the cloture vote fails.

S. 510: The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
Rescue Local Organic Farming from One-Size-Fits-All Food Safety Bill!

This bill is not worded right to afford the proper protection to small farmers and anyone who wants to grow food in their neighborhood. It is obvious the power that the FDA has already been given is being misused. We don’t need to hand them more power that they could misuse.

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Why Senators Should Oppose S 510
S.510 threatens the existence of small, independent farms and will limit the food choices of consumers. As written, the bill is fundamentally flawed. S 510 will not improve food safety. Instead it will bury farmers in regulations and paperwork and consolidate agricultural production into fewer, larger industrial facilities.

The FDA already has all the authority it needs to inspect processing plants and imports, yet they inspect less than 1% of imports and less than 25% of the processing facilities they are authorized to. The FDA has claimed that they don’t have the manpower to carry out these inspections, yet they have the time and manpower to harass Amish farmers, raid food clubs, and pull over individuals who are transporting privately purchased fresh milk and make them dump it on the roadside. This agency needs no more authority as it abuses the authority it already has.

Should S 510 pass, it will increase the cost of U.S. grown and produced food across the board. The inspections and audits of both farming and harvesting processes will cost farmers in upfront expenses just to exist.  Even if they are participating in direct or local sales, they will have to assume the audit and inspection costs as well as develop HACCP type plans for their operations. The larger corporations will not need to buy from domestic growers – they can import from countries with lower infrastructure costs to offset the expenses that S 510 regulations will force on U.S. producers.

There are many reasons to oppose S 510, but the fact that the FDA has stated in court that you have no right to consume any particular food, no right to bodily or physical health, and no right to contract should be sufficient reason to not grant them any authority over your food than they already have.

Amending this flawed legislation is like putting a tutu on a pig and calling it a ballerina. The mounds of paperwork this bill will generate are not going to increase anyone’s food safety or food security.

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