Grace Gravity at Buffalo Field Campaign Fundraiser

Posted on October 6, 2010


October, 2010

Grace Gravity filled in and played a short set at a fundraiser for Buffalo Field Campaign. These are the people on the front lines protecting and speaking up for the last wild buffalo herd in the United States. They could use our help.  Held at
See the Video from the Fundraiser Click Here

Stories, Video and Music
See the Video from the Fundraiser Click Here
Buffalo Field Campaign’s co-founder Mike Mease, and dedicated volunteer Noah, will be at the 2 Headed Horse Gallery in Echo Park as part of the Buffalo Field Campaign’s 2010 West Coast Road Show.  Mike and Noah will share stories and video footage from their front lines work with America’s last wild buffalo population and talk about ways you can join the efforts to help protect them, even from within your own community.  Mike has nearly two decades of experience in the company of wild buffalo, having lived in one of the coldest climates in the lower-48 to work in their defense, and he is an amazing storyteller, sure to inspire you.
Music by Phoenix After Buffalo, Milan Vasic, & Grace Gravity

Find out more on the background on the Buffalo situation: