Stop the Planet Killers! Monsanto

Posted on August 14, 2010


There is nothing more despicable that someone that knowingly causes harm. People possessed by their own unconscious, people “Just Doing Their Job” , the energy of these sleepwalkers is collected and brandished over all of us. A sick bunch of people. They are poisoning us. Genetically modified food — give me a break! That disregards the planet, the people, life in general. These people are sick and they’ve infiltrated our government. Infested our world with their ignorance and greed. Please check out this video series below (10 videos) and educate yourself.
This is not a dress rehearsal.


1st two videos (10 videos in this series)

Elder in Mexico talks about GMO corn

More information here:

Farm Aid:

Video done by PBS about what is happening in India:
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READ Seeds of Suicide, The Ecological and Human Costs of Globalisation of Agriculture

DOWNLOAD: Seeds of Suicide pdf

Organic Consumer Article

Just Google “Monsanto” and find out everything you need to know.