Jim Ladd Interview with John Lennon

Posted on June 2, 2010


This is a great interview. John Lennon talks about being an artist.

“Artists are a mirror not a luxury.”

Interview Part 2

YouTube: Interview with Jim Ladd

“Artists are a kind of mirror to society and they are not some kind of luxury for society.
I think it’s important what we do, and we have to keep telling ourselves that, cause the artistic life, is the life where the artist gets up in the morning and doesn’t go off to the office, but has time to look at life. Where alot of people have no time to look around.

The artist sits back from society and looks at it and draws a picture of it.

If there is any change to be made, I think it has as much to do with attitude and projection of thought as it does with physically changing things. And when you get down to the nitty gritty, it’s the old cliche, it’s almost the old battle of Good and Evil, for lack of a better way of saying it. There’s no such thing as Good, there’s no such thing as Evil- I don’t want to go into all that philosophical games. But the fact is it seems to be one against the other. And the game seems to be, that it is going on anyway. But if you do not do anything about it, in however a slight way, then one side or the other gets the slight advantage.

So eventhough it seems like one does something in vain, like want peace, or say they want peace. And people say “you didn’t get peace John”. But I think what would have happened if we hadn’t said that, all of us together. Not me, I’m just the guy singing the song to represent what is going on on the street. What would have happened if none of us did that in the 60’s. I believe in the positive side of it.

In one way all of us were under a slight illusion, maybe it wasn’t an illusion, and maybe if we pushed harder we would have got what we wanted. But I’m not sure anybody knew what we wanted, we knew we didn’t like what was happening, but nobody quite knew what it was we wanted, cause we had never had it.

I doubt it was even round 1. It’s probably been going on eternally. The majority of us, whoever we are, that’s all of us,were changed by whatever was going on in  the 60s, no doubt before that. I think alot of changes did happen however subtley. And they happened and you can never unknow what you know. And we all know something. Whatever it was that we found out or discovered for ourselves. Maybe every generation finds it and looses it. Its up to them to decide what to do once they find out certain realities about life. As that generation goes into middle age, or whatever it is, that’s the decision they make whether to carry with them that slight torch of life that we all saw. Every generation sees it and then decides what to do with it. Whether we keep the light lite or decide to let the next generation handle it.”