May 30 – Still Blinded by The Blank Stare of The Faceless Face of Big Business?

Posted on May 30, 2010


CBS is reporting that the Top Kill procedure actually stopped Wednesday, BP didn’t report that they stopped until late Friday.

Just an FYI they were also throwing garbage down there, not just manufactured mud. This is called a “Junk Shot” — yeah really — where they throw a bunch of trash down there. Anyone else feel like this is a 9th grade science project? Read CBS Report

If you’ve got an idea on how to solve this, please write your Representatives (See activate Government at the top of the page). You can also submit ideas here:


They need to get the top permaculturists involved, this is an ecological disaster for the whole U.S., the whole continent! Business CAN NOT, let me say that again, BIG BUSINESS INTERESTS CAN NOT BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION!!!

The mind that got us into this is NOT going to be the one that get’s us out of it.
We must work with Nature not against her.

Questions for the
Faceless Face of Big Business

1) Why didn’t the US Government have to approve ANYTHING that was put in the water? Who is overseeing that?
Link to May 20 article by UK Guardian on it.



to help you remember who we’re dealing with
scroll down and click Faceless Face of Big Business


Here’s the links to the report 60 minutes did

Part 1:;mostpopvideo
Part 2:;mostpopvideo