World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth

Posted on April 21, 2010


The Summit Starts today in Bolivia.

“It is clear that the conference and its objective of putting forward a just and effective response to climate change have touched a chord worldwide. It shows more than ever, after the failure of Copenhagen, that the hope that we can address the climate crisis lies with the people of the world.” from ttp://

The #1 Objective of the Summit is to analyze the structural and systemic causes of climate change and propose substantive measures that facilitate the well-being of all mankind in harmony with nature.
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WATCH VIDEO  from today, April 20, 2010
— President Morales of Bolivia at today’s gathering at the World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth. Today President Morales spoke of many things. He pointed out that the main enemy of Mother Nature is capitalism. He called for a new economic system that is in harmony with Nature, and he said that capitalism and it’s pollutants are a synonym for the destruction of the planet.

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From April Press Release
When President Morales of Bolivia launched his invitation to the world to come to Bolivia to develop a Peoples’ Agenda for Climate Change, we never imagined the overwhelming response it would generate. At least 15,000 people are expected to attend from 126 countries Around 70 governments are expected to attend to listen to the voices of civil society, including Presidents of Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Vice-President of Comoros Islands, government ministers, delegates and parliamentarians from Europe, Asia and Africa. —Read More

As of yesterday the U.S. was not sending an official representative.

Some of the Working Groups meeting to discuss and find solutions are:
Harmony with Nature (this is the one Helen Samuels is a part of), Rights of Mother Earth, Climate Justice Tribunal, Indigenous Peoples, Climate Debt, Shared Vision, Adaption. Strategies for Action. To find out more about these groups:


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