About the Health Care Summit at Blair House

Posted on February 27, 2010


Let’s start in the STARTING PLACE. Not talking about profit or reducing costs — but speaking of what real health care is. We need to look at our situation holistically. We need to think about the body holistically. 16 bottles of pills? That’s what one Senator said at the Health Care Summit. That’s the average number of medications that a older person has. This is ridiculous! I want to know when the medical profession switched from looking at the body as a whole person and went into hyper specialization — only looking at the pieces and not at the whole. This is our challenge.

Can all the Senators and Congress People agree to have a discussion on Health? This is not a SIDE of the discussion. THIS IS THE DISCUSSION. There are scientific facts to back this up. You can find what makes people healthier. The definition of health is not up for grabs. Who are the most vital happy people on Earth? And don’t leave out the very important piece of the pie, that “happy” feelings and emotions are intricately tied to health. This also can be proven. Once you know what creates and maintains health, then we will see the answers to the quagmire that appears before us today. 

The answer = no. How could they? These companies are in it for the money. Health Care should not be a business. Health Care is a calling … everyone knows that.



——Here’s Who Attended (according to the seating chart, going far left around to the right.

President Barack Obama and VP Biden

Sen. Schumer
Sen. Murray
Sen. Conrad
Sen. Rockefeller
Sen. Wyden
Rep. Roskam
Rep Boustanv
Rep Blackburn
Rep Ryan
Rep Camp
Rep Bartobn
Rep Cantor
Rep Becerra
Rep Cooper
Rep. Andrews
Rep Slaughter
Rep Waxman
Rep. Miller
Rep Rangel
Rep Dingell
Rep Clyburn
Rep Hoyer
Sen. Reid
Speaker Peloisi
Sec Sebelius
Sen McConnell
Rep Boehner
Sen Kvl
Sen. Grassley
Sen. Enzi
Sen McCain
Sen Alexander
Sen Coburn
Sen Barrasso
Sen Durbin
Sen Baucu
Sen Harkin
Sen Dodd
*More information coming soon …