man walks by with a machine gun . . .

Posted on October 19, 2009


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Man walks by with a machine gun, casually dressed in slightly military attire. I’m at the airport to see some friends off, back to Peru. He walks by, smiling, beautiful in the fulfillment of his “mission”. People are smoking in front of the terminal. People are noticing, but hiding their noticing. I hear comments ringing inside all of our heads, “just like in other countries”, “wow this is what we have come to”. I sit quietly in the uncanny casualness of the moment. Southern California, LAX, casual machine gun. Not everybody sees him, some are more concerned about their flight, there own world so consuming that they can’t even allow one more thing in. Believe me I understand.

The feeling of the terminal is buzzing with so many people waiting. Waiting to leave, waiting to get there, waiting for anything but here. So much thinking, and the man with the machine gun walking by outside, so casual with a machine gun matching his casual military attire. He was not trying to scare anyone. That’s the least he can do right, as when you first see him it is quite shocking to say the least.

He checked out the lady as he walked by.

I guess we need machine guns, it’s for our protection — that’s what is put forth for us to believe.

I appreciated him, at least for the fact that he projected, not an air of fear, but calmness. Best you can do in a situation like that. Even though he has been slotted into this job of “casual machine gun bearer” he did not misuse it. He was good with his energy — so good some people didn’t even see him.

Still it’s surreal that this is what we’ve come to, this is what the world has come to or probably has been like for some time.

We’re not all money-hungry people, mindless to our own impact, careless towards others. In fact most of us would be in the category of caring about other people, the environment, living in compassion, wanting happiness for ourselves and others. Most of us live there, not in the mind of the machine. There are more of us, than “them”. Them being the ones that feel disconnected. The ones that have been “taken over” and lost their humanity. Some are rich, some are poor — they don’t know themselves at all. Some kind of strangle hold on consciousness?

The Elders that I have had the honor to hear, Mayan, Hopi, Inka, Lakota, Tibetan, Cherokee, and others all say in one way or another that what is happening is “a coming together”. Come Together. In fact that IS the doorway. An understanding of the how forces of dissonance can effect us all. How to move beyond it. That’s what we are doing.

—Keep up the good work — keep smiling … and if it starts to feel gloomy — jump back into your balance, laugh and tell that space-o-mind where to go.
I mean it. Do it for yourself.
Do it for all of us.

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